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The Crazy One

The Crazy One is created out of the real experiences and insights that host and award-winning Global Head of Design Stephen Gates and gives you actionable insights to be more creative, become a better leader, create more innovative work, build better relationships with your clients, grow a stronger career and more. He shares the things he has learned first hand leading global in-house and agency creative teams, building multiple Fortune 100 brands, and working with some the world's most innovative companies like Apple, Google, Nike, AirBnb, and Disney as InVision's Head of Design Transformation.

Jun 17, 2019

Confidence is something we all seem to be constantly working on since it can be easily faked, lost, or thanks to design imposter syndrome always in short supply. Yet confidence is something that is critical for creativity, leadership, and happiness so we need to understand what undermines it and find new ways of restoring it. In this episode, we will look at the fears that commonly undermine our confidence and 5 ways effective ways to find or rebuild it.